Adil M Shayk

Shayk clients include some of the biggest Asian event organisers in the UK and he is well connected with the Diaspora across the UK. He is committed in sharing the opportunities, rich culture and traditions, the British Asian community has to offer:

Some of his clients include:

  • Lemon Group, the Asian Awards – – Raising corporate sponsors and ticket sales
  • British Pakistan Foundation – – Heading the business development dept
  • Arcola theatre –  (Promoting British Asian artists)
  • Virgin Startups –  (Hosted a joint event together_
  • Pakistan Fashion Week – Promoting Fashion Asian designers from India and Pakistan in the UK
  • Private Wealth Comms Ltd – Connected an American investor from the pharma industry with UHNW clients of British Asian descent.

Please drop me a line and see how I can help you to scale up your business. 

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