Event Management & Sponsorship

British Asian PR offers great expertise from planning to execution of an event. Whether you’re planning to host a small seminar or organising a large scale trade-exhibition, we have extensive experience in coordinating and project-managing  a wide range of events. For specific exhibitions, trade shows and events, we organise customised buyers’ programme, to bring in domestic and internationally qualified buyers/investors in one room to make the most of the limited time in hand during such events for the exhibitors.

Sponsorship opportunities:

On top, we take care of raising funds for your event and charge a small fee/commission to give you complete peace of mind.

We are here to:

  • Attract the right guests
  • Identify venues
  • Organise press packs, promotional material, hospitality and invitations
  • Manage your press office etc

With businesses needing solutions to their problems, our vision and business purpose is to deliver proven and practical solutions that improve an organization’s performance and help in creating effective leaders for them.

Our approach

  • Detailed research with the primary and secondary market
  • Bringing together industry leaders to speak and share their knowledge with all stakeholders
  • Creating an innovative medium for both the industry as well as service providers for strategic networking
  • Reaching out to the market with information in the most professional manner

 To enquire please email us on info@britishasianpr.co.uk

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