Young Asian Achievers Club

British Asian PR recently launched Young Asian Achievers Club (YAAC) for ultimate networking and learning opportunity for professionals and entrepreneurs.   

YAAC promotes talent and identify and recognise the immense contribution that British Asians are contributing to British life! From fashion, beauty, media, sports to the business industry, we will showcase and present a role model every month to recognise their success.

You will get a chance to meet and interact with speakers to get great tips; from personal development to starting your own venture. From free coffee meetup to late afternoon networking lunch to mini catwalks, we will bring top entertainment with fashion, food in a relaxing atmosphere. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, a young professional or a freelancer, our ethos is simple: connect with each other, create possibilities and collaborate on building your success.

 Join us today to explore the world of opportunities to network with like-minded individuals to learn, share your interests and experiences and makes new friends. 

Please sign up for our newsletter and upcoming events through pop-up menu by refreshing the page or by emailing at





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