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British Asians continue to make inroads into leadership positions within various sectors across the UK. From business leaders, artists, journalists, politicians, scholars to civil servants, British Asians have been significantly contributing to British society.

In terms of business, an estimated £300 billion spending power (2011 Trudy Simpson), Ethnic minority groups are growing rapidly with Asian population growing 15 x faster that the indigenous population in the UK. It is estimated that by 2050, growth will increase by 41% for Indians, 89% Pakistanis and 125% Bangladeshis.

British Asian PR is will connected with British Asian Diaspora in the UK.  Join our mailing list today to explore the world of opportunities to network with like-minded individuals to learn, share your interests and experiences and makes new friends.  We host networking events all around the year where you will get a chance to meet and interact with speakers to get great tips; from personal development to starting your own venture. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, a young professional or a freelancer, our ethos is simple: connect with each other, create possibilities and collaborate on building your success.


Public Relations and Marketing Agency

British Asian PR is a business-to-business marketing and PR agency based in London. We have worked with various small businesses with some of the biggest brands and multiples in the UK, so we can offer clients the very best of big agency, senior expertise, at small agency prices.

We specialise in the following areas:

Public Relations:

We recognise that every client is unique with different needs and objectives. We know the right message, story, and delivery to reach the different audiences externally as well as internally within their own corporation or organization makes all the difference.  As a boutique public relations agency, We ensure your company’s profile conveys the right message to a broader audience including media, government and other key publics in order to receive optimal results.

Marketing, Branding & Social Media Advertising

British Asian PR helps clients reach their target audience by developing creative marketing campaigns through offline and online advertising which includes search engine advertising, social media campaigns, printed marketing materials and disseminate to the right audience. We know how important it is to develop a brand identity. We help provide a brand strategy that works to differentiate one product or company from the next.

Market entry B2B

We have helped various companies to enter the UK market and introduced them with the right trading partners in Britain. 

Market entry B2C

Along with business match-making, we also help businesses to reach-out the end-user through electronic media, roadshows and setting up pop-ups across England to showcase your products/services.

Market Research:

We offer expertise in quantitative & qualitative research from spending behaviour to identify lucrative products and services which are high in demand. Our research data is carefully gathered, systematically validated and interpreted by our analysts who deliver clear and meaningful market fore-sights. Through our market research solutions, you will have a in-depth knowledge map of your market landscape, your customers and your competitors. We have a wide range of research services to suit your information needs, time and budget:

Event Management & Sponsorship

British Asian PR offers great expertise from planning to execution of an event. Whether you’re planning to host a small seminar or organising a large scale trade-exhibition, we have extensive experience in co-ordinating and project-managing  a wide range of events. On top, we take care of raising funds for your event and charge a small fee to give you complete peace of mind.

We are here to:

  • Attract the right guests
  • Identify venues
  • Organise press packs, promotional material, hospitality and invitations
  • Manage your press office etc

Charity Fundraising:

We understand the importance of revenue generation for charities and the struggles they face and the space they compete for, and we have the knowledge and experience to overcome these hurdles. We have history of working in third sector and helped various charities and community-driven organisations to raise funds through corporate donations.

 Private wealth consultancy

British Asian PR have also offers bespoke consultancy specialising in the private wealth sector and act as a medium to connect Multi-Family offices and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals both from Asian background and mainstream.

To enquire please email us on info@britishasianpr.co.uk

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